Pre-orders open at 11am Monday, PLEASE checkout your time-slot first, then once you've received a confirmation email with your confirmed time-slot pop back onto the site to order your food using the same details you used to order your time-slot. We cannot accept any food orders without a confirmed time-slot order. ALL ORDERS MUST BE IN BY MIDNIGHT ON MONDAY! Diolch, Thanks!


Order from 11am every Monday ( Got to be quick!!)
Pick-up Fri/Sat
Please find a step by step guide on how to order just below!

Thankyou for coming to our takeaway page, we're excited to bring a little slice of Pontoon back in the form of a small takeaway service for the foreseeable future. We will have a limited and continually changing menu bringing back some of your favourites in a new way. These options will be available to order every Monday from 11am (they sell out super fast so you need to be super fast!), ready to pick-up on Friday or Saturday. Thankyou for all your continued enthusiasm and support!

Step by Step Guide

  1. Check out our rules regarding ordering and pick-up
  2. Takeaway preorders go online every Monday at 11am for that weekend
  3. 11am Monday, Find a time-slot that suits you, be quick as they will sell out quickly. Pop this into your basket and checkout with the time-slot first!
  4. Wait for your confirmation email/ receipt to come through telling you that you have ordered a time-slot
  5. Come back onto the website once you've had your confirmation and order your food with the same details you have used to order your time-slot
  6. Take your time to read all the descriptions of meals and double check your basket before confirming and paying for your food, we need all orders in by midnight on Monday so we can order everything we need to cook your takeaways from our local suppliers.
  7. Read the rules about allergies and intolerances if this applies to you
  8. Keep hold of your confirmation email, you will need the #receipt number and name to pick-up your order.
  9. Roll-on Friday and Saturday!!
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Customers must stay in their vehicles in the car park until their order name is displayed at the serving bar outside and we have placed your order on the counter.

We are doing our very best to provide a safe and organised service for everyone involved!

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