Have you ordered? If so, thanks so much! Don't forget to put your food order in as soon as possible. Ideally before midnight on Monday, Diolch!


Please read our rules carefully before placing your order and pick-up to make sure our service is as organised and safe as possible for everyone involved

  • We do not supply any eating utensils or napkins as our takeaway is designed to be taken home with as few waste products as possible (all our containers are eco-friendly or recyclable)
  • Make sure you check-out your desired pick-up slot before placing an order, we will not be able to accept an order without a pick-up slot being ordered before hand.
  • Double check your order before payment to make sure quantities and items are correct
  • Inform us of any intolerances or allergies during the ordering process, each menu option will explain if toppings and sides are changeable/omit-able. Main elements are as described and cannot be changed. There will be a box during the checkout for you to specify any changes that we are able to make
  • Keep hold of and bring your confirmation email as this will have all the information you need to pick-up your order, specifically your #receipt number and order name
  • All orders must be picked up via car, please remain in your car once parked in our carpark (in-sight of our outside bar, this is where your order will be placed when ready)
  • Once each individual order is ready, the order name will be displayed on our outside bar, it is only then you should leave your car and collect your items while cross-checking with Anna, you may be asked for your #receipt number to clarify
  • Please make sure you arrive before your time slot to make sure you are parked up and ready in time, we will only serve your food within your time-slot (dishes will be plated up and served within your time slot, we are unable to keep them warm waiting for you, if you are late)